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Looking for impressive wedding ideas, and all the beautifully-styled wedding dresses, hairstyles and most importantly, wedding themes! At this online bridal boutique, we have every wedding idea beautifully combined and jotted down, only for our dear visitors, so that they get to be informed about trendy wedding ideas.


We bring style and grace together for our bride and bride maids, who are looking for gorgeous style on their wedding days. The blog is entitled to welcome all the readers to aware about every little detail of bridal weddings. From enchanting wedding themes to special day bridal look, the blog is packed with wedding hints, that will add sparkle to your wedding preparations. You will find impressive wedding hairs, that you can comfortably wear on the special day and will make you look flawless. All the ideas for a perfect wedding dress, depending on your body shape and size, is also described for you. We keep our visitors expectations on top and come up with the most attracting, inspiring and splendid wedding ideas. The latest and contemporary wedding concepts are linked to make your wedding day most wonderful and beautiful.

We are here to help you plan your wedding..

Get the true inspiration from our blog, Happy Wedding!

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Short bride dresses



As the wedding date ties the knot between two individuals, that are bound by eternal love, they celebrate the happy beginning of new chapter of their life. To be bride and groom, filled with excitement, prepare wedding arrangements that bring moments of happiness and joy in the family.

What be the important concern for bride ?

A true question, on which, every girl,women or even men would agree and say positive. Bridal dress is one of the pretty attraction on the wedding ceremony, which never go unnoticed. Every eye is spot on the wedding dress, in every wedding. You would definitely agree with me. As the fashion and clothing industry is expanding, there is multiple variety for customers, ranging in different prices and are customized according to the body shapes and sizes.

So, If you are a short body bride or petite, you don’t need to get stressed-out! We provide you a fashion guideline to follow, before going for your wedding dress.

The glamour of transforming the old-styled dresses into amazingly gorgeous wedding dresses is the strategy of fashion designing stores, that are designed to display you the best and beautiful.

Dear short or petite brides, You will look stunning in simple gowns that are appealing and give you a loyal look with the little embellishment, delicately done on the gown. The dress of this impression, got a empire style which will make you feel like a queen. How impressive idea!

A short bride should look for sheath and modified A-Line gowns that are designed with latest style but with little flare. You should go for a style or ask your designer to make a dress that has a waistline, little above your natural waistline. Following this style, will make your lower part bit longer and the body more graceful.

Relax, You don’t need to get swallowed by your traditional dress. We are here to guide you on the most important occasion and make you look contented, just like your family. Yet, we have to discuss the fabric for the gown. It depends on your personal choice otherwise we suggest you to go for quality silk or high sheen. Remember, you are not bound to put sequence of heavy work on the gowns, go for classy style with necessary embroidery patterns on it. The idea is to carry stylish gown with little detailing, so that it puts no burden on the short bride. The more simpler the look, the more graceful you would be.

Let our words, warn you with little alarming notes. Firstly, Don’t go for a dress that has a big bow on the bodice, it won’t look good on short bodies. It drowns the image of the bride badly. Secondly, You need to be little careful when buying a wedding dress; it should not have a dropping waist. It would make your legs look shorter, almost non-existent and No girl would prefer it for sure.

Good luck and Happy wedding!




wedding hairstyles

Wedding hairs for brides

On the most important day, Just like you and every other bride to be, is rightfully the center of attraction in the wedding hall. Whether You are a bride or bride maid, the excitement and nervousness to get marry is on top. And bride utterly needs to look most gorgeous on her Big day. From the makeup to the wonderful hairstyle, everything needs to be turned out so perfectly that every eye just don’t take that beautiful sight away.

Trendy hairstyles are, what you look for! We say, you are on point.

As we talk about bridal hairstyles, we need to know that what kind of dress, you are going to carry on your wedding day and what kind of look, you want to wear on the hairs. Be satisfied with our impressive collection of hairstyles, that will definitely give you a flawless look and bridal-beautiful. Isn’t it interesting?

To be bride needs to be little sure in knowing whether to wear hairs up or down or on the shorter side. Well, we are here to guide you.

To have a memorable look, bride can add a fresh flower, in contrast with the wedding gown or the bouquet.

How about selecting a shellacked bun as your wedding hairstyles ? This look will make you remember the days of prom; brides prefer hairstyles that are soft and easy to carry. A graceful look.

Beautify the look of your twisted hairstyle with fashion-forward accessories. The designer hair accessories add an element of grace in the wedding hairstyles. You can even wear a tiara to feel a fairy tale look. Pretty Up-dos be more beautiful with the addition of ornaments or accessories. Try this out!


Get inspire from Ballerina Buns as bride and even bride maids look extremely graceful and dramatic in these buns. As a wedding hairstyle, ballerina buns should be bumped to little height, in view to add more beauty.

If you like to follow rustic wedding themes and you are blessed with longer hairs, gorgeous braided wedding hairstyle will work for you. By adding volume to the crown, the look of fishtail braid is pretty enhanced.

With opened hairs or slightly pinned up hairs, You will look as gorgeous. Amazing waves hairstyles are the most attractive and simple hairstyle, but it needs to be touched up,as required. Get a good quality hairspray with you and feel comfortable in doing so,as the day is most important and you cannot take a chance, Right ? Prolong photo shoots do take time and your hairs need to get settled for a longer time.

To have a romantic effect on the wedding day, tuck slightly wavy hairs over one shoulder.

For a vintage theme, you can opt for a vintage loose waved up-do and sparkle the look with a fashion accessory or hair clip. Whatever you love doing so.

Get the appealing ideas of wedding hairstyles and Wear a graceful look on your wedding.



Vintage theme never get out of fashion, it remains the highlighting theme and be one of the perfect wedding theme. You want the day to be filled with spectacular wedding ideas that are utterly impressive, We bring you the outstanding vintage theme. If you really love and get inspire with vintage theme, you are also familiar with country-rustic and shabby chic, the concepts are mind blowing, just stay calmly and think of a vintage wedding.


It can be arranged at your backyard garden or country side, location is all yours, but we provide you the wonderful vintage theme ideas that are highly attractive and appealing. The theme is to linked with every wedding item; i.e wedding dresses, hairstyles, bride maids dresses, arrangements, crockery, gift favors, decorations, wall hanging, backdrop etc.


Create a perfect vintage look with bride maids


Get the idea of a vintage look with your favorite friends on the wedding day. To create a vintage theme, your friends should pick up vintage style dresses that just go awesome with the theme. Make sure, you allow a color contrast to follow the theme. How about pretty pink and gold. Well, you have the right to choose any color contrast or seek a suggestion from your designer. Purples and pinks are the colors for the bride maids. Coming to dresses, you may go for graceful silhouette, lace, floral dresses either short or long. Jewelry, fashion accessories and shoes are important too, be sure your friends follow the theme well.


Pick Up a color theme


Before you go for vintage wedding theme, it is you who need to decide and pick up color contrast from color pellet. I would suggest you to go for some soft colors, they create pretty combinations. Go for internet surfing or discuss it with your partner/family and finalized it.


Get The Awesome Ideas


  • Create a royal or lavish sweet table that is decorated with finely desserts, cake pops, sweets etc. Adding vintage details on the cloth fabric is a brilliant idea.


  • Go for a vintage stamp wedding cake, done according to theme. It adds old-fashioned touch with elegance.


  • Table presentations should be perfectly done with rustic and vintage theme. Try to use old-fashioned items, finely decorated with trendy ornaments. Place fresh flowers or mesmerizing leaves to beautify the presentations.


  • Add attractive antique decoration pieces or wall hangings, customized with written notes on it. Notes must quote “Happy Wishes” for the couple.


  • Arrange beaded wedding bouquet for the bride to carry, it adds a vintage touch and feel.


  • While deciding wedding invitations, select a card that is bit old-fashioned and introduce some twist with some interesting quotes.


  • Mason jars and vintage bottles be the interesting crockery display and cutlery be wrapped with twine, dollies.


  • Importantly, Pick up a vintage car and decorate it nicely with elegant flowers that adds a vintage touch and give a royal feel to the newly wed couple.


Make you wedding day splendid with the vintage theme ideas.

Modern Wedding Dresses For Bride To Be

stunning modern wedding dresses

Modern Wedding Dresses For Bride To Be

As bride gets news of her wedding date, every bride put great concern on selecting a wedding dress, Who doesn’t ?


Wedding dress is no doubt the most important wedding style item, every woman desperately look for. The real decision is to shop and buy such an attractive wedding dress which grabs attention of every eye. In fact, a super gorgeous dress that is made just for you, Bride To Be. In the modern world, We want every thing in contemporary style and beautifully designed. On the matter of fact, women confess the truth that they are willing to look the most beautiful personality on their wedding day. To my opinion, they are perfectly on point as it has their right time to be beautiful.


Wedding dresses are now available with a varied range in designs, colors and style. The most alluring look is of bridal gowns. Before you put stress on your mind, we clarify that every bride needs to try all the wedding dresses, from ball gowns to mermaid, in view to gather the idea which style suits you. It is one of the leading approach, experienced designers usually suggest the brides. Be patient and listen to your designer, as she/he has better explanation about the body shapes and sizes.


As you are born in the era of modern time, You are lucky to get countless varieties and options to select your wedding dress. Though, it seems a bit difficult task to take a decision. Relax! Stay tuned,we are helping you out.


Think calmly about your dream dress, that you will be wearing on the wedding day, standing beside the most handsome person of your life. Do you want a beautiful dress with a train ? Imagine yourself, walking beside groom with a red rose in your hand and wearing white dress with a train, bride maids are also holding it from back. Splendid Glory! The dress should be finely stitched of quality fabric with delicate work, laces and graceful style.


Modern stylish wedding dresses are utter demand of every bride, who desire for a look that displays a beautiful combination of style and grace. The exquisite designer collection of silk gowns, delicate work on the tail of the gown, the alluring bodice work or the impressive waistline is decorated with little detailing to complete the entire look of the modern wedding dress. The backless gowns also give you feel of royal look, just like a queen.


You can find multiple collections on modern wedding dresses with different names, in contrast with the themes. Go for bridal gowns, that are bold, elegant and beautiful. A perfect gown should display ethereal romantic look and should be designed from excellent fabric, exquisite embroidery and alluring silhouettes that be extremely luxurious.


Bridal wedding gowns with delicate embroidery on the back, gives a ravishing look and the bride be the gorgeous stunner. Oh-pretty bride, you be the spotlight of the wedding eve and let all the guests and family friends get their jaws dropped at a glance.