Vintage theme never get out of fashion, it remains the highlighting theme and be one of the perfect wedding theme. You want the day to be filled with spectacular wedding ideas that are utterly impressive, We bring you the outstanding vintage theme. If you really love and get inspire with vintage theme, you are also familiar with country-rustic and shabby chic, the concepts are mind blowing, just stay calmly and think of a vintage wedding.

It can be arranged at your backyard garden or country side, location is all yours, but we provide you the wonderful vintage theme ideas that are highly attractive and appealing. The theme is to linked with every wedding item; i.e wedding dresses, hairstyles, bride maids dresses, arrangements, crockery, gift favors, decorations, wall hanging, backdrop etc.

Create a perfect vintage look with bride maids

Get the idea of a vintage look with your favorite friends on the wedding day. To create a vintage theme, your friends should pick up vintage style dresses that just go awesome with the theme. Make sure, you allow a color contrast to follow the theme. How about pretty pink and gold. Well, you have the right to choose any color contrast or seek a suggestion from your designer. Purples and pinks are the colors for the bride maids. Coming to dresses, you may go for graceful silhouette, lace, floral dresses either short or long. Jewelry, fashion accessories and shoes are important too, be sure your friends follow the theme well.

Pick Up a color theme
Before you go for vintage wedding theme, it is you who need to decide and pick up color contrast from color pellet. I would suggest you to go for some soft colors, they create pretty combinations. Go for internet surfing or discuss it with your partner/family and finalized it.

Get The Awesome Ideas

  • Create a royal or lavish sweet table that is decorated with finely desserts, cake pops, sweets etc. Adding vintage details on the cloth fabric is a brilliant idea.
  • Go for a vintage stamp wedding cake, done according to theme. It adds old-fashioned touch with elegance.
  • Table presentations should be perfectly done with rustic and vintage theme. Try to use old-fashioned items, finely decorated with trendy ornaments. Place fresh flowers or mesmerizing leaves to beautify the presentations.
  • Add attractive antique decoration pieces or wall hangings, customized with written notes on it. Notes must quote “Happy Wishes” for the couple.
  • Arrange beaded wedding bouquet for the bride to carry, it adds a vintage touch and feel.
  • While deciding wedding invitations, select a card that is bit old-fashioned and introduce some twist with some interesting quotes.
  • Mason jars and vintage bottles be the interesting crockery display and cutlery be wrapped with twine, dollies.
  • Importantly, Pick up a vintage car and decorate it nicely with elegant flowers that adds a vintage touch and give a royal feel to the newly wed couple.

Make you wedding day splendid with the vintage theme ideas.